DYE DSR+ ICON Paintball Marker Army (Olive/Tan)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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DYE DSR+ ICON paintball marker

The new and improved DSR+ offers class-leading, unparalleled dominance for an increased competitive edge and more fun on the paintball field. Whether you're catching up with friends on the field or fighting for a place in the final in overtime of a championship game, the DSR+ will perform when it matters most.

The DSR+ takes everything that defines the previous championship-winning platform and employs new and improved precision-engineered features and enhancements throughout the marker for next-level performance. Standout features include the newly developed ARC+ Bolt System with best-in-class efficiency and shot-to-shot consistency, the new Flex SFR solenoid with individually adjustable airflow control for individual shooting preferences, the new Edge2 trigger with a low-profile design, the new quick-spin battery cover Locking button for quick and easy tool-free battery access, the new Leverlock Clamping Feedneck for easy adjustment and the new grip width that adapts to every player's grip style, along with a new, aggressive body design.

The evolution continues with DYE's continued development and advancement of marker technology. The DSR+ is the first choice for new and experienced players looking for a confidence-inspiring, lightweight, compact and efficient device that allows them to be on the field all day and compete against any opponent. The new DYE DSR+ is robust both inside and out and surpasses the competition once again.

The "ICON" Limited Edition is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, only 113 pieces made it to Europe. Dye also gave the marker the Ironmen Pro kit and installed the well-known Bwing 21 trigger. The new model also comes with a UL-S barrel system with 2 backs (.684, .688) and an "ICON Edition" running sock, and the feedneck also has a reinforced screw.


- ARC+ Bolt System

-Flex Bolts

-Quick release bolts

- Flex SFR solenoid

- Edge2 triggers

- Leverlock Clamping Feedneck

- Tool-less battery access

- MOS Operating System

- Control joystick

- Increased grip clearance

- Sticky Grips

- Ultralite 45 frame

- Hyper 6 regulator

- UL Trucam Airport

- Gas Thru

- Freewire connector

- 4th Gen Eye Pipe

- Colored coded O-rings

- Core Barrel

- Low profile design

- Hard foam case

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