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Dye DSR – high-end paintball marker at a mid-range price
Thursday September 14, 2017

The Dye DSR – How was there so much high-end technology at such a low price!

As soon as the new Dye DSR is on the market, paintball forums and communities are already buzzing. Hardly any other marker has polarized people as much as the Dye DSR in recent years. It is, since the Proto Matrix, Dye's first real midrange marker. With its RRP of 899.95 euros, the DSR is well below most current high-end markers, but can technically keep up with them or even surpass them in some cases.

We took a close look at the new Dye DSR for you and tell you what's in the new model.

What's new about the Dye DSR?

The list of innovations is definitely long, almost all relevant parts have been revised or even completely redeveloped. Below we have summarized the most important improvements for you.

The ARC Bolt

Dye has completely reworked its tried and tested Fuse Bolt, the result is the new ARC Bolt, a system that outshines everything that has come before with a working pressure of only h115 PSI. At the same time, the system has become approx. 30% more efficient than all previous models.

The Hyper 6 regulator

The Hyper Regulator series is standard in all dye markers and has been further developed for the DSR. The position of the regulator is particularly interesting. This is no longer in the front handle, but above the ASA connection in the handle of the DSR. At the same time, the batteries were moved to the front grip to make room for the Hyper6.

The new OLED board with joystick

To adjust the marker, Dye has given its DSR a clear OLED board. This can be conveniently set in the menu using a joystick. Some players will already know this principle from the Luxe.

Ultra light design

The entire body has been optimized for minimum weight and milled down to the relevant wall thicknesses. The result is a simple design that convinces with its simplicity, but probably does not appeal to every gamer. But you are guaranteed to have one of the lightest and most efficient markers in the world in your hand. A real racehorse that was trimmed purely for performance.

Our conclusion on the Dye DSR – This cannon has it all and definitely something on the box!

Dye has completely said goodbye to its old mid-range platform, the Proto Reflex, and not only created a strong successor with the DSR, but also developed a completely new marker in other parts. Personally, we think it's good when a manufacturer is willing to rethink and revise its tried-and-tested concepts. This has been achieved in an impressive way with the Dye DSR.

What can we expect next from Dye? Is a new Dye M3 paintball marker coming?

The rumor mill is already churning. In some forums you can already read that Dye is working on a successor model to its M2 parallel to the DSR. The working title is simply Dye M3. The M-series of the Dye Paintball marker collection introduced in 2016 is consequently continued.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the technical data of the Dye M3, but we assume that it will be another big step in terms of technology and development. Not only has the Dye DSR set the bar pretty damn high for the competition, but it could also give its big sister, the Dye M3 , a hard time in terms of sales.

Anticipating the Dye M3 – When is the Dye M3 coming out?

The really big innovations of the year are known to be published at the Paintball World Cup in Orlando. So if the rumors are true, we should know more in October and see the new Dye M3 later this year.

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