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DYE DM15 – The new one from DYE
Friday July 15, 2016

The DM15 is the logical further development of the popular DM (DYE Matrix) series. DYE didn't have to change much on the DM14, and yet everyone knows the saying: There is always something to improve, and so the designers from California have once again sat down at the drawing tables.

Dye_Dm_15_Dark_Shadows A few grams lighter and by lowering the feedneck, the DM15 guarantees an even smaller hit profile. The tubeless design has been further optimized and the front regulator has been slightly belittled. In addition, DYE installs the Billy Wing Bolt as standard. This makes the DM15 even more efficient and gentler on paint. It is also practical, for example, that teams can use the spare parts from the DM14 for the DM15 without restrictions. New colors and designs are of course also at the start.

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