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Dye Axis Paintball Mask – The Proto Axis returns…
Thursday September 14, 2017

The Proto Axis is now called the Dye Axis

Dye has given its mid-range Proto Axis paintball mask a facelift and is relaunching it under the Dye Axis label. The Axis mask line has been quiet for a long time after Dye took it off the market a few years ago. However, this has left a gap in the upper-middle-class mask segment. Dye finally realized this and decided to bring the Dye Axis back onto the field.

Dye Axis – what's new?

Not much has changed: Dye has retained the proven basic concept of the Proto Axis and revised the optics and brought them up to date. The Ear Pices have been adapted in Dye Design, and the Dye Axis has been given 4 new, fresh color combinations.

Of course, the proven Proto Thermal mask glasses will continue to be used for the Dye Axis paintball mask .

All in all, a successful new edition in the fair price range under 100 euros. For this price, the buyer with the Dye Axis really gets all the features that one can expect from a modern, high-end tournament mask today.

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