DELTA SIX FlexProtect Airsoft goggles (desert / tan - clear glass)

Delta_Six_FlexProtect_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_klares_glas_tan Delta_Six_FlexProtect_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_details Delta_Six_FlexProtect_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_masse Delta_Six_FlexProtect_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_details Delta_Six_FlexProtect_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_masse
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Product description

The Delta Six FlexProtect FLY Airsoft goggles are very light entry-level goggles with excellent wearing comfort. The entire frame of the glasses is made of flexible EVA hard foam. As a result, these glasses adapt perfectly to the shape of the face and are flush on the sides. This is to prevent BBs from hitting the glass from an acute angle.

This model is the Delta Six FlexProtect Airsoft goggle with a single clear lens. Solid, inexpensive goggles for all airsoft players.

Product details of the Delta Six FlexProtect Airsoft goggles:

- Glasses frame made of flexible EVA hard foam material

- Pleasant wearing comfort

- Adjustable goggle strap

- Simple clear lens

The Delta Six FlexProtect Airsoft goggles are available in 3 variants. Each variant is available in the colors black, olive and desert/tan.

The Delta Six FlexProtect models at a glance:

Delta Six FlexProtect = Normal lenses, optionally available in clear or smoke/smoke.

Delta Six FlexProtect FLY = Stable perforated plate made of carbon steel instead of lenses.

Delta Six FlexProtect MESH = mesh fabric instead of lenses, as known from mouthguards.

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