Cytac Tactical Duty Belt 1.5 inch Double Layer (black)

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Product description

Cytac Molle adapter for R-Defender holster

The Cytac Tactical Duty Belt is double layered, has a non-metallic buckle and is made of tear-resistant nylon. The 5-stitch seam is particularly robust. All in all, the belt is very resilient and durable. It is suitable for police and prosecution, security, craftsmen, travelers and much more.

Technical specifications:

- Manufacturer: Cytac

- Model: Tactical Duty Belt

- Buckle: plastic

- Material: tear-resistant nylon

- Sizes:

S (71cm - 76cm or 28"-30")

M (approx. 81 cm - 86 cm or 32"-34")

L (about 91cm - 96.5cm or 36"-38")

XL (Approx. 40"-42")

XXL (approx. 111.76 cm - 116.84 cm)

- Color: Black

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