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Continus Mag for Dye DAM & Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100
Tuesday October 29, 2019

The new True Feed magazine for all Dye DAM and EMEK MG100 markers

Such a product was written about for a long time in the paintball forums in Europe and the USA, yes, it was just being demanded. Now, after more than 2 years of development, the company FID, which stands for Flint Instrument Design, from the USA has finally presented a working prototype. This not only meets the demands of the players, but even exceeds them. In our blog post today we would like to inform you about the product features, the release date and all the special features of this interesting new product.

The first and only True Feed magazine with a capacity of 22 rounds!

The first thing that strikes you about the new FID continuous feed magazine is its enormous magazine capacity. While most MagFed markers have an 18 to 20 round capacity, the Continuous Feed Mag has a whopping 22 round capacity . If you use First Strike Paintballs , you can still load 21 shots into it. This is due to the special form of First Strikes. They take up a little more space in the magazine.

This little extra of at least 10% more ammunition that you carry with you per magazine can ultimately decide on victory or defeat on the field. Players who were previously satisfied with their Dye DAM or EMEK MG100 and were able to assert themselves on the field will now experience a whole new gaming experience with this new magazine capacity.

Sophisticated design and solid workmanship.

The new magazine makes a very good impression at first glance. The concept is very well thought out and the design adapts beautifully to the Dye DAM and the Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 . You hardly notice visually that it is an accessory from a third-party supplier.

The entire magazine design is tool-less, i.e. can be disassembled and reassembled without tools. The magazine, which consists of just 10 individual parts, can be dismantled for maintenance in just a few simple steps. Cleaning on the field in particular is very easy and user-friendly. Another plus.

The proven, fiber-reinforced plastic material was used as the material, which is also used in hoppers such as the Dye Rotor . This makes the magazine virtually indestructible in normal use and should last a paintballer's lifetime.

The fact that the continuous feed magazines are compatible with the commercially available Dye DAM Magcouplers is also particularly interesting. This means that 2 magazines can be put together and reloaded and fired much faster in a row. A real game changer on the field and in sticky situations.

When and where can I buy the new 22 shot Dye DAM Contoinous Feed Magazine?

The delivery date was set by the manufacturer for January 2020. Until then, the MagFed players worldwide will unfortunately have to be patient. But we promise it's worth the wait.

There is also the Continuous Feed Magazine at a special price for pre-orders. – This offer is aimed at all customers who pre-order one or more magazines by the end of November 2019 and are willing to pay for them in advance. Here you get a whopping 15% discount compared to the later list price. Since many players don't just carry one magazine with them, it's a worthwhile saving.

Paintball Sports is also the official and exclusive distributor for the Continuous Feed Magazine for all of Europe. MagFed teams, dealers & shops as well as MagFed event organizers who are interested in selling this product are welcome to contact us at any time. We look forward to cooperation.

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