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Co2 capsules for paintball markers & airsoft guns
Friday November 23, 2018

What types of Co2 cartridges are there in Paintball & SoftAir sports?

There are currently 3 common variants of Co2 capsules in paintball and airsoft sports. We would like to give you a brief overview and tell you what you can use the individual models for and what they are capable of.

12g Co2 capsules – The standard format in paintball sports

The most common Co2 capsule size in the airsoft and paintball area is the standard 12g Co2 capsule l. It is a disposable capsule with a metal jacket, which, as the name suggests, is filled with a volume of 12g of Co2.

It can be used in almost all paintball guns , but is also used in large marker models that are Co2 compatible. Here, however, a so-called C o2 Quick Change Adapter is required. This forms the link between the Co2 cartridge and the paintball marker . The adapter can be screwed directly onto the marker's ASA adapter and pierces the capsule when screwed in.

A 12g Co2 capsule is enough for about 15-25 shots , depending on the marker model. So this is really more for said paintball pistols, or hobby and occasional paintballers as well as for function tests on the equipment.

The capsules are very cheap at a price of 50 cents to 1 euro (depending on the quantity purchased).

88g paintball Co2 capsules – the large Co2 supply for your marker

If you rely on disposable capsules to stay flexible, don't want to walk to the Co2 filler, or simply don't have that much money for an HP system , the large 88g Co2 capsules are ideal. They offer massive pressure supply for your paintball marker .

It should be noted that a special adapter is required for the 88g Co2 capsules. This can be used for a lifetime after purchase, so you really only need the Co2 capsules.

An 88g capsule has a sufficient filling volume for approx. 120-180 shots . Again, it depends on marker model and firing speed. With Co2, you have to pay particular attention to the outside temperature. Since Co2 is a cold gas with a temperature of up to minus 72 degrees Celsius, it naturally expands best at warm temperatures. In summer you can always fire more shots with a Co2 cartridge than in winter. The difference here can be up to 30%. This should be taken into account when choosing the propellant.

8g Co2 capsules – The exotic for small pistols like the First Strike FSC

The new format that has been on the market for about 2 years is 8g. These particularly small Co2 capsules were simply chosen because of their compact design. Paintball markers and airsoft guns that should look as realistic as possible have little space in the housing. If you can then save a few millimeters in the design of the pressure supply used, this naturally suits the manufacturers.

For this reason, for example, the company First Strike from the USA was the first to use an 8g capsule for their FSC paintball pistol . As a result, despite the use of Cal. 68 ammo very small and handy.

Whether the 8g Co2 capsule will prevail in other models in the future is questionable, unfortunately the amount of pressure is so low that in the end you can only fire about 10-15 shots with one capsule. They cost the same as the 12g capsules, which have 50% more content.

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