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Carmatech SAR 12 – Beware snipers
Friday July 15, 2016

How long did paintball have to wait for this? A real paintball sniper rifle. Already represented on many paintball fields in the world for several years, it is now also finding its way into Germany. We are very proud to be able to represent this marker exclusively in Germany.

This marker, developed on the basis of the Cheytac M200 precision rifle, is handmade in the USA and is subject to very strict quality control. So you still get real craftsmanship – Made in the USA. Engineered for pure sniper realism. Your area of application? Scenario and MagFed events. Although there is the possibility to equip the SAR 12 with a semi-bolt upgrade and thus turn it into a normal magfed marker, but let's be honest … no 🙂 it is and remains THE sniper rifle in paintball.

The special thing about their bolt system is that each paintball is loaded manually from the 2×6 shot magazine into the chamber and pushed a bit into the barrel. The advantage here is that the paintball is placed in the chamber in complete silence and, combined with the specially made Hammer Head 21 inch barrel, achieves incredible precision. A SAR 12 combined with First Strikes is probably the most precise paintball marker on the market.

The SAR 12 is delivered in a practical backpack with an integrated MOLLE system and two 12-round magazines. A scope, riser and 2-leg can be ordered as an option. There is also the option for left-handers to buy a special body that allows repeating with the left hand.

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