Carmatech NEMESIS precision barrel with trains & fields (Cocker - 4/7")

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The manufacturer Carmatech has created what is probably the most precise paintball marker of all time with the legendary SAR-12 sniper rifle. In order to increase performance even further, the new NEMESIS barrels were developed over several years of development.

The Carmatech NEMESIS barrels, similar to the barrels from Lapco and Hammerhead, have cables and fields that give the paintball a spin to stabilize the trajectory. Carmatech has adopted this principle and improved it. The result is a barrel that is hard to beat in terms of precision. The secret lies in the type of moves and fields. These are made differently than all other paintball barrels on the market. First Strike Paintballs grip the barrel better and have a stronger spin motion. In the end, the paintball shoots out of the barrel at over 12,000 revolutions per minute. That's more than twice as much as Hammerhead and Lapco. Due to the much stronger spin, the bullet flies even more precisely and you can land hits even at long distances (100m and more).

The length of the NEMESIS barrels is specified by the manufacturer including the mjjzzlebrake. The first information refers to the pure barrel length, the second information refers to the length of the barrel including the Muzzlebrake.

Product details of the Carmatech NEMESIS Cocker - 4/7" barrel:

- AutoCocker thread

- Pure barrel length cm / 4"

- Length of the Muzzlebrake cm / 3"

- Total length cm / 7"

-First Strike Ready

- Precision run with moves and fields

- Bullet makes over 12,000 revolutions per minute when leaving the barrel

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