Carbon Protective Bottom Paintball Slide Shorts (Grey)

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Product description

The Carbon Protective Bottom Pants are paintball slide shorts with a long cut. The basis is a muscle-supporting compression pant that is not only breathable, but also hides soft protective panels between its two layers to protect the hips, knees and shins, as well as the thighs.

Due to the extremely light and very flexible material, you hardly feel the pants on your skin, but you still have the complete all-round protection you need on the paintball field.

Features of the Carbon Protective Bottom Paintball Slide Short:

- Ultra light material (only 525g total weight)

- Compression material for muscle support

- breathable fabric with multi-layer structure

- Integrated protective pads for legs, hips, knees and shins

- UV resistant material / UV repellent

- Can be combined with the Carbon CC Kneepads for even more protection

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