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Tuesday April 18, 2017

Buy paintballs – Where can I find the largest selection?

If possible, paintballs should always be bought from a dealer you trust. Paint is a sensitive topic, because not only the quality of the ball is decisive, but also storage at the dealer and transport to the customer. Only if you work carefully and conscientiously in all areas can you as a customer expect good quality paintballs in the end.

Paintball Sports offers you the largest selection of paintball balls from all leading brands and manufacturers in Europe. We carry well over 150 different types of paintball. We offer special prices for each type when purchasing larger quantities and, as one of the few dealers in Germany, we deliver paintball balls to your home free of charge from an order value of 100 euros.

What should I pay attention to when shipping paintballs?

If you want to buy paintballs, you should do so where the boxes are well packed for shipping and are sent with a reliable carrier such as DHL or UPS. We always advise our customers to buy their paintballs directly on the field or in local specialist shops if possible. There you can view the goods before you buy them and convince yourself of the quality and freshness of the goods. If you don't have a shop around the corner and therefore have to order paintballs online , you should look for a dealer who offers you a good complete package of paint price, delivery costs and reliability.

However, it always depends on the type of paint. Not every paint is equally at risk during shipping. Field paint, for example, is a bit harder and can therefore withstand bumps and hits during transport better without paintballs bursting directly. But if you buy high-quality premium paint or even a tournament standard, you are consciously choosing a ball that often shatters into a thousand pieces when it falls from knee height. It must be clear to every buyer here that such a fragile paintball often does not survive the rigors of a parcel shipment very well. The risk of transport damage is simply immense.

For this reason, we advise customers to always pick up their tournament paint directly from the paintball specialist shop and transport it to the destination themselves. Only then can you be sure that the paintballs will arrive safely.

Which paintball is the best? – A difficult question…

We are often asked which paint is the best. The answer to this is simple, but unfortunately meaningless. There is no "best" paint. Each paintball has different characteristics and is designed for a specific situation or use. There are paintballs for almost every purpose. Be it as a cheap field ball for hobby players, or as an ultra-brittle high-end product for ambitious tournament professionals. Furthermore, other factors such as the weather must also be taken into account when planning the paint purchase. A ball that flies excellently at 10 o'clock in the morning at 8-12 degrees and breaks like glass beads on the opponent can be as soft as a bouncy ball 3 hours later in the midday sun and you no longer shoot an opponent with it. It is therefore important to find the right balance and to select a paintball that can perform consistently throughout the day and conjures up the necessary points for your team on the scoreboard.

Our recommendation at this point, let your trusted dealer advise you. As a rule, he knows very well about the properties of the individual types of paint and can also point out differences between individual batches of the same types of paint. With this expertise in the background, nothing stands in the way of a successful game day.

Stay away from cheap suppliers – cheap paintballs are not always the best solution.

Almost all dealers buy paintball balls at identical prices. Whether buying paintballs on ebay or buying paintballs in Berlin , the dealer will usually always have an almost identical purchase price. Unfortunately, many retailers do without an orderly outer packaging of the goods in favor of profit optimization. Customers who order a lot of paintballs may know the problem. Although you pay a lower price, you simply get 4 boxes wrapped with adhesive tape in front of the door. As a rule, the drama starts there, because often individual paintballs in the bags break due to a lack of outer packaging. This then usually ruins the entire contents of the bag and the paintballs are useless.

The fact is that top quality paintball balls simply have their price. If you want them delivered to your home in good condition and without any problems, then you have to be prepared to pay a fair price for them. Especially when buying paintball, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. And let's be honest, most players can get by with one case of paintballs for an entire paintball day. Why do you want to ruin the whole day because of a supposed 3-5 euro savings? Rather pay a few euros more for the box and be sure that you always get fresh goods delivered with which the day will be successful and fun.

What about after the purchase? – What is the best way to store my paintballs?

Paintballs should best be stored in a light-protected place with a temperature of 15-20 degrees and medium humidity. In this environment, paintballs can be stored for 6-12 months after purchase and can be fired at any time without any problems. A closet in the house or a utility room, for example, is best, as the temperatures and humidity are best there. What you should not do is put the paint in the basement or the laundry room, it is usually too cold there or the humidity is extremely high.

It is also important that the paintball bags should still be hermetically sealed. The paintball shell reacts with oxygen and deteriorates in the air within a few days and weeks. Opened sacks should therefore ideally be fired on the same day.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and wish you a lot of fun buying paintball in the Paintball Sports online shop .

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