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BunkerKinss introduces its new CMD mask
Wednesday November 7, 2018

We bring the new BunkerKings CMD mask to Germany

BunkerKings announced its first own paintball mask last weekend. The model will be in the high-end tournament sector and will be marketed under the model name CMD (short for Command).

We tell you what the new high-end product from BunkerKings can do and what you can look forward to as a player.

Here professionals are at work – Maximus Lundquist and the BK CMD paintball mask

The experienced Swedish paintball professional Maximus Lundquist is not only the face behind the BunkerKings brand, but. he was also instrumental in the design of the BunkerKings CMD mask .

As a professional, he knows what is important in a good paintball mask and has incorporated his many years of experience into product development.

The result is a very high-quality paintball mask that is comfortable to wear and an innovative ventilation technology that has never been seen before in this design, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

The BunkerKings Command sets new standards in terms of ventilation and communication

When designing the Command Mask, special attention was paid to the ventilation. Nothing is worse in physically demanding tournament sports than the feeling of not being able to breathe under the mask. The CMD sets new standards in terms of ventilation technology. This has other positive side effects such as improved communication skills on the field, and a significantly reduced risk of the mask glass fogging up.

The first paintball mask to be realized in a Kickstarter project!

With its CMD mask, BunkerKings is not only breaking new ground in terms of performance, but also in terms of product release and financing.

The Command Paintball Mask is the first model from a well-known manufacturer that is financed and marketed via a Kickstarter project, a kind of crowfounding. Interested players who are already sure that they want to buy one of the new CMD masks can take part in the Kickstarter campaign and help finance the production of the first batch. In return, they not only receive their mask as one of the first, but also directly from the manufacturer at a significantly reduced price with a discount of almost 50% on the list price.

This action is unique in the professional paintball industry, but already a complete success. The set limit of approx. 15,000 euros was exceeded fourfold within a few days. It is therefore not only clear that the demand is enormous, but that the mask will in all probability also definitely make it onto the market by the targeted date of January 2019.

Delivery from January – pre-order now at a discounted price!

According to Bunkerkings, the CMD mask will be delivered as early as January 2019. The model can currently be purchased directly from the manufacturer as part of the Kickstarter campaign at a heavily discounted pre-order price. After that, the mask will only be available in stores.

You can also pre-order the mask from us. We also grant a certain discount on the mask until the release. Pre-orderers should therefore be quick and secure their desired model now.

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