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Bullpup paintball markers announced by Maxtact
Thursday May 4, 2017

Finally a Bullpup paintball marker!

Many manufacturers have tried to do this in the past, and unfortunately have repeatedly failed in the implementation for various reasons. Now it seems as if there is finally a light at the end of the long waiting tunnel. The company Maxtact has announced a bullpup paintball marker and has already published the first pictures of the prototypes.

The basis will be the proven Maxtact TGROne , a Blowback MagFed marker from the first generation of the Maxtact marker forge. As usual with all bullpup paintball guns, the housing will be very short and slim, making it ideal for CQB areas and house fighting scenarios. Police and military who work with bullpup weapons in Europe could also find this model very interesting for their training.

As a German distributor of the Maxtact brand, we will of course approve the new Bullpup marker immediately after the start of series production and also make this great paintball marker model available for players in Germany.

What is a bullpup paintball marker?

Bullpup describes the special construction of the weapon. The bolt mechanism and the breech are moved as far back as possible. This enables the assembly of a relatively very long barrel, despite a very compact housing design. The marker is therefore very small and handy, but still has a remarkable accuracy that can easily keep up with long guns, since the barrel is almost as long as that of the much larger assault rifles.

The trigger unit, fuse and all other components can also be used with bullpup paintball markers like with all other weapons and are mounted in the front area of the weapon. The marker plays practically completely normal for the shooter, only the short design is similar to that of a CQB marker. Depending on the design, the trigger mechanism is redirected by means of a mechanical or electronic system. This means that the bolt at the rear can be released easily and without interference from the trigger at the front.

This is what the current prototypes of the new Maxtact Bullpup paintball marker look like

Bullpup Paintball Markierer Maxtact

What other Bullpup paintball marker models are there?

In the past there have been many manufacturers who have tried their hand at bullpup paintball markers. However, so far none has been as far, or even remotely as successful as Maxtact. At this point we would like to introduce you to a few of the most well-known Bullpup paintball marker models.

1. The Empire Defenders.

The currently only mass-produced bullpup paintball marker. It's not really one though, as it lacks a few classic bullpup weapon features. The peculiarity of the Dfender lies in its loading system. The hopper is integrated into the shoulder rest, which makes the marker compact and flat in design. However, the barrel is still quite short, since the entire trigger and locking mechanism is located very far forward, as with any normal marker. Another shortcoming is the fact that the Dfender is operated with a hopper and not with a magazine. Unfortunately, this makes them particularly unpopular with Magfed players, the actual target group for Bullpup Repikla markers, and also unusable for this style of play.

Empire Dfender Bullpup Paintball Markierer

2. RAP 4 K1

The RAP4 K1 was the hottest contender for the title a few years ago; first real bullpup paintball marker. Unfortunately, it never went into series production. Unfortunately, RAP4 has never fully explained why. Visually, the K1 was based on the popular P-90 , which most people should know from Counterstrike computer games. It is optically one of the best known and most popular bullpup weapons. One of the particularly cool features of the K1 was the feed, or magazine, which allowed the prototype to be loaded like a real P-90 via a top-mounted stick magazine.

Rap4 K1 Paintball Bullpup Waffe

3. Identity Crisis Tippmann A5 Bullpup Mod Kit

Probably the most well-known Bullpup paintball marker isn't really one at all, just a mod kit. At the beginning of the 2000s, the company Identity Crisis, USA launched a conversion kit for the well-known Tippmann A5 . The kit consisted of 2 completely new shells that integrated the mechanical components of the Tippmann A5, turning it into a bullpup marker. The cyclone feed system that was common on the A5 at the time was adopted 1:1. The marker looked like a bullpup model, but unfortunately had a normal hopper and no magazine feed. Although the conversion kit was very popular with bullpup fans worldwide, it was unfortunately never really convincing in the end and was discontinued after only a few years of production. Today you hardly see any of these A5 conversions on the playing fields.

Tippmann A5 Bullpup Mod

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