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Bossmode Paintball Strategy Fields
Thursday July 13, 2017

BossMode Strategy Fields – Tactical paintball training on the drawing board

The Bossmode brand comes from none other than Erik "Eki" Wunsch, one of the most well-known German paintballers. Erik has many years of tournament experience at national and international level. Now he wants to establish a new training aid for teams all over the world with his Bossmode Strategy fields .

Almost every tournament player will know the problem. Until now, you could either study layouts on site, which was time-consuming, or you had to be content with 2-dimensional layout printouts that you could study and analyze together at home. Both solutions were feasible, but not optimal. The Bossmode fields make it possible to set up the layout comfortably at home in the original scale of 1:60 and to analyze it in 3D. A look from the edge of the table is enough to check the shooting angle and to plan the first lines for the next breakout.

An ideal supplement for the training of ambitious tournament teams.

What can I expect when buying a Bossmode Strategy Field?

In principle, you get a kind of board game delivered to your home. The entire field fits into a small cardboard box. The playing field, including the layout grid and lawn optics, is printed on a length of fabric and is simply rolled out on the table. The covers are made from some sort of composite material and are simply set up and arranged on the pitch based on the current layout dictated by the league.

There are a lot of tokens and tools at your disposal for planning moves and analyzing enemy actions. There are stones that represent your own position, others for that of the opponent. With the number tiles, the different positions of the opponents can be assigned to the respective breakouts. yellow sticks are used to display lines to show which paths the opponent is blocking or where your teammates should shoot.

The concept is kept simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Your team – your logo – your own bossmode field

Teams who would like to have it a little more individual can also have their own personal boss mode playing field with their own team logo on the lawn created for a small surcharge of only 10 euros and a waiting time of approx. 2 weeks.

The manufacturer then prints a separate piece of "lawn" for your team and places your team logo large in the middle and small on the edges of the field. Of course you can also choose the color of the covers yourself.

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