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The manufacturer Carbon comes from the USA and produces high-quality, ultra-light paintball protective masks. From the entry-level model carbon OPR paintball mask to the brand new high-end model, the Carbon Zero Pro tournament mask , this manufacturer offers the right product for every taste and every budget.

The carbon OPR mask

The OPR is the inexpensive entry-level model from Carbon Paintball. This mask was originally developed for use on playing fields and in the rental business. Due to the very high quality, the pleasant wearing comfort and the wide range of colors and camouflage patterns, it has increasingly found its way into the area of paintball beginners and is now one of the most popular beginner masks. Due to the good availability of upgrades and accessories, such as different colored thermal glasses, it can also be upgraded in many ways.

The Carbon Zero Pro Paintball Thermal Mask - The ultimate lightweight

In 2022, Carbon will set the absolute high-end standard in paintball tournament sport with its new ZERO Pro mask. No other mask on the market is as light and offers so many features and accessories. Starting with the very good wearing comfort, through the flex frame, to the size selection option, everything has really been thought of. You can also find all details about the mask in our blog post on the Carbon Zero Pro Mask . For us one of the best paintball masks on the market at the moment.