Lapco - Paintball Precision Barrels Made in USA

The Lapco company is one of the oldest providers in paintbal sports. What few paintball players know is that the name Lapco stands for Los Angeles Paintball Company. So Lapco is just an abbreviation of the company name.

Lapco has made a name for itself by manufacturing paintball tuning barrels. The products are mainly developed for the woodland and scenario area. For example, most Lapco barrels have rifling and fields and give the ball a spin, which in turn stabilizes the trajectory.

The Lapco BigShot - A Versatile Tactical Barrel

One of the best-known products from Lapco is the BigShot barrel series, which is available in almost all thread types and lengths. The Lapco BigShot paintball barrel is characterized by a very high quality processing. This is not least due to the production location. Lapco continues to manufacture all of its products at its home facility in Los Angeles, USA. In terms of quality and availability, this guarantees a clear competitive advantage over suppliers who have their barrels produced in the Far East.

The BigShot barrel has been modified and improved over time. This resulted in further product lines such as the Big Shot Assault barrel with a removable muzzle brake and the Str8ght Shot barrel with rifling and fields for an even more precise shot pattern.

Lapco - The producer of the Tiberius Arms T15 First Strike barrels

A big deal for the Lapco company was taking on the order for the series production of the barrels of the popular Tiberius Arms T15 paintball marker from First Strike. Lapco currently produces all series and tuning barrels for the T15 and the new model Tiberius Arms T15 PDW, which is sold under the First Strike label.