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All information about Planet Eclipse GEO4 & EGO LV1.6
Tuesday June 2, 2020


In today's product test, we would like to introduce you to not just one, but two brand new products. Planet Eclipse presented two new tournament markers at the Extravaganza in Memphis to the amazement of all market participants. The two models GEO4 and EGO LV1.6 will not be available in Germany until April, but we had the opportunity to take a closer look at both models in advance and to do a detailed product check.

The first question we naturally ask ourselves – why two new markers? The answer is quite simple. The community has demanded both models equally. Since the disappearance of the LV1 (version LV1.5), many players mourn the last big Rammer model and the GEO was also one of the popular high-end marker models for around 10 years, until it was finally replaced by the CS2. Now Planet Eclipse is bringing both model ranges back to the market at a lower price point. This not only makes it interesting for the many fans to buy one of the new models, but also makes it easier for all other tournament players to enter the high-end segment of Planet Eclipse. But let's take a closer look at what the two new models can do and what has changed compared to the predecessors. Because one thing is certain at first glance at the new marker models. – This is not about a simple re-edition! Planet has significantly revised and improved both models.

From a purely visual point of view, the GEO4 is more reminiscent of the CS2. – But that's only the first impression. In reality, however, it is a hybrid of the GEO series and some features of the CS2. If you take a closer look, you can see the handle of the CS2, but there is a completely different housing on it, which is also a bit wider than that of the CS2. The reason for this is that the bolt of the GEO4 is based on the CORE IV bolt of the GEO3, but with a new, integrated soft tip, just like the LV1.6 uses. Many fans of the GEO not only liked the characteristic, very quiet shot noise, but also the way the balls were fired with the GEO3 Boltkit.

Since the CS2 is based on a completely different system, this feeling could only be regained by taking a step back in the bolt technology. The GEO4 has also received an upgrade when it comes to running. It now has the new Shaft FL aluminum barrel. This allows you to get every ball exactly to the target, even over long distances. The energy supply of the GEO4 has been taken over by the CS2. Instead of the old 9V batteries in the handle, the GEO4 is powered by 2x AA batteries in the front handle. They reliably supply the board with its high-resolution LCD display, which can be expanded with later updates via a USB interface.

Planet Eclipse GEO4 Daten

The EGO LV1.6, on the other hand, looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor at first glance. The grip is the same as the LV1.5 down to the last detail and the Air Transfer Tube, which connects the trigger frame and front grip for air flow, has not been separated either. But if you let yourself be deceived by the external impression and think you have only run a new edition here, you will clearly be taught a lesson when you take a look inside. Planet has almost completely revised the new LV1.6. Starting with the new, even softer Cure5 bolt, to a brand new solenoid (solenoid valve) that was specially developed for the new EGO LV1.6 series.

Planet didn't skimp on the barrel either and gave the already very light LV1.6 the two-piece Shaft FL carbon barrel of the CS2 Pro. The other features of the EGO LV1.6 are the 4-way adjustable blade trigger and an exchangeable Zick3 rammer kit. This allows you to adjust the rammer weight to your needs. The kick can also be influenced via the new adjustment function on the solenoid. No other marker currently allows so many setting options when it comes to shooting performance. As with the GEO4, the LV1.6 has a board with a high-resolution LCD display and a USB interface. This rounds off the package and ensures that both markers can play at the top out of the box.

Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6 Daten

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