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Airsoft Sports – Your airsoft shop
Monday May 3, 2021

Dear Airsoft players and Airsoft fans, welcome to Airsoft Sports!

After we at Paintballsports.de have gradually expanded our airsoft product range over the past 24 months in order to meet the ever-increasing demand from airsoft players, we have now decided to finally dedicate our own online shop to airsoft sports . There were various reasons for this decision. On the one hand, paintball and airsoft are two completely different sports and the customer groups are also different. Our aim has always been, and still is today, to make the offer in our online shop as clear and transparent as possible for the customer. We see ourselves as a pure paintball specialist shop where the enthusiastic paintball player can get everything he needs for his game in one stop. – We would now like to enable the same for airsoft players.

However, due to our ever-expanding airsoft range, the offer on Paintballsports.de has recently been severely diluted. We have included numerous new airsoft products in our range and if you then searched for the latest releases in the paintball range in the "New products" shop area, you would occasionally come across 2-3 complete pages full of airsoft items. This fact was one of the triggers to reconsider our offer presentation. As I said, we see ourselves as a paintball specialist shop and the customer can also expect that paintball products will also be displayed on our site.

At the same time, we didn't want to alienate our rapidly growing Airsoft customer group . We thought a lot about how we could expand the offer for both customer groups, but still make it transparent and clear. In the end, the logical step was a completely new online shop, purely for our airsoft-playing customers. This is how Airsoftsports.de online shop was launched.

Airsoftsports.de is your new online shop for all things Airsoft.

In the new Airsoftsports airsoft store you will now find our complete airsoft range. All new airsoft products that we add to our range will only be listed on this platform. With this we want to keep the Paintballsports.de online shop as free as possible from the topic of airsoft. No more new products will be listed on Paintballsports.de and we will reduce the current product range bit by bit until it is a pure paintball shop again. For this we are expanding the airsoft range on Airsoftsports.de in parallel and offer all airsoft players there their own platform with a real full airsoft range that leaves nothing to be desired.

We rely on good service, high availability and fast delivery!

Of course, all Airsoftsports.de customers also benefit from the high quality standards that are already known from the Paintball Sports Shop. We work in the background with the same systems and processes and with the same precision and quality that our customers have valued about us for years.

24-hour express delivery of airsoft products

Anyone who has ever ordered from us knows that items ordered by 1 p.m. are usually delivered the following day. This is made possible by our well-structured storage system. An order takes just a few minutes from the order in the online shop to the dispatch warehouse. Provided the customer pays with an automated payment method such as Paypal, Sofortüberweisung or installment purchase, the order is packed within 2 hours at the latest and is sent to the customer on the same day with one of our reliable shipping service providers. We ship exclusively with DHL and GLS, which we value as fast, safe and, above all, reliable shipping companies.

Direct availability from stock

So that you don't have to wait long for your products and are always informed directly whether an item is actually in stock, the Airsoft Sports online shop also has the proven availability indicator. This way you can be sure that an item that is displayed as available is actually physically in stock and can be sent to you within a few hours. Many retailers only order products at the customer's request, which sometimes results in delivery times that can last for days. Not with us! We guarantee you fast and reliable shipping.

High quality products at fair prices – This is Airsoftsports.de

The aim of our new airsoft shop is to create a balanced and high-quality range of products for airsoft sports. We deliberately keep our hands off particularly cheap products, because if you buy cheap, you end up buying twice. We want satisfied customers, so we select all airsoft products for our range in advance according to certain quality criteria. Even with the price you can be sure that we always remain fair.

Airsoftsports offers you a very large range of products.

When it comes to product selection, our new online shop definitely doesn't need to hide behind the competition. We cover the entire range. Starting with the airsoft gun , through the airsoft goggles , to the airsoft clothing , you will find everything the airsoft player's heart desires at Airsoftsports.de.

Buy airsoft gun

No matter if you are looking for a handy airsoft gun or a high-quality airsoft gun . We offer you a huge selection of airsoft guns from top manufacturers. The latest models in all colors in one shop.

Airsoft glasses – safety first!

Eye and face protection is also well taken care of. Not only do we have a wide selection of high-quality airsoft goggles, we also offer full protection helmets, facemasks and a variety of paintball masks for playing airsoft .

Camouflage clothing for airsoft games

The right clothing is the be-all and end-all when playing airsoft. We offer you various combat suits, gloves and tactical vests in many colors and different camouflage patterns. Just have a look and put together your own individual equipment.

Airsoft BBs buy cheap – Toü quality for a small price!

Most airsoft players make no compromises when choosing airsoft ammunition. The balls must fly precisely and must not be too expensive. That's why we offer you a large selection of Airsoft BBs in different price and quality levels . Everyone is guaranteed to find something here, regardless of whether they are a price-conscious beginner or an experienced sniper.

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