AceTech Blaster Airsoft Tracer Unit

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Product description

AceTech Blaster simulates a muzzle flash. The effect of the flame depends on the volume of the gas or water mist around the muzzle. With more volume, the effect is better.

- Three modes available: Tracer with Flame, Flame Only, Tracer Only.

- Smart power control: blaster is turned on by shaking it and goes to sleep when idle (longer than 5 minutes).

- Tracer function:

Supports Green Tracer BBs and Water BBs, not Red Tracer BBs.

- Flame function:

Supports all kinds of BBs, different colors of BBs have subtly different flame colors.

- Adjustable light source allows use of green BB's and Gel Blaster BB's.

- 14mm CCW thread, adapter for 11mm CW included (WE compatible)

- Built-in rechargeable battery, chargeable via USB micro port (charging time 2.5 hours)

- Length: 76mm

- Diameter: 32mm

- Weight: 70g

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