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Welcome to the Planet Eclipse online shop from Paintball Sports
Wednesday August 4, 2021

The complete Planet Eclipse product range in one online shop!

The Planet Eclipse brand has been inspiring paintball players all over the world for around 25 years. Started as a small tuning company with products such as low-rise clamp feeds and triggers, the breakthrough came in 2005 with the first Planet Eclipse EGO paintball marker model. The Planet Eclipse EGO6 hit like a bomb and was lengths ahead of the then widespread blowback paintball markers, autocockers and rammer markers. The innovative and very air-efficient bolt pneumatics, paired with an unprecedented ease of maintenance, took the hearts of the players by storm. To this day, this development from that time is the foundation for the current success of the Planet Eclipse brand.

Buy Planet Eclipse paintball markers here

If you are looking for one of the current Planet Eclipse paintball markers, you are guaranteed to find it with us. Since we are not only convinced of the Planet Eclipse brand, but have also been one of the strongest brand representatives in Germany for years, good product availability is important to us. We have all Planet Eclipse paintball marker models in stock for you in all color combinations. For a better understanding, we would like to introduce you to the current models below and also give you a rough purchase recommendation.

The PE EMEK100 offers you high-end technology for newcomers

If you are a newcomer to a paintball field for the first time, you will often get a Planet Eclipse EMEK100 in your hand these days. This mechanical marker is the first choice of many pitches and with good reason. Hardly any other model is so robust and durable and at the same time has such high performance data. In principle, the EMEK100 is a mechanical version of the GTEK with a somewhat slimmed-down interior. The performance of the marker is unparalleled in the price range under 300 euros and, from our point of view, is simply unrivaled.

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 is really shaking up the MagFed paintball market

If you are currently looking for a high-quality MagFed paintball marker, you have the choice between Milsig, Tippmann, First Strike and Planet Eclipse. Visually, Tippmann, First Strike and Milsig are clearly ahead if you value a look that is as true to the original as possible. But if you can get used to a more modern exterior, you are in good hands with the EMF100 and get a modern marker that just looks cool and has a few well thought-out features. But if we now look at the pure performance data, the EMF100 from Planet Eclipse leaves all other brands far behind. Tippmann, Milsig and First Strike all use different types of high working pressure blockback bolt systems. The EMF100, on the other hand, has a very low working pressure. In addition, thanks to the polymer housing, it is significantly lighter and more durable than the other 3 models.

The Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6 and GEO4

These two models are practically the link between the mid-range GTEK170R markers and the high-end CS2 Pro model. Both models are already a few years old, but were relaunched in a fresh guise in 2020 due to the very high demand from players. On the outside, the GEO4 is reminiscent of a CS2, but has the bolt system of the GEO3 installed on the inside. The EGO LV1.6, on the other hand, looks the same as the previous model LV1, but has been significantly upgraded under the hood and equipped with new regulator technology and other valves to upgrade it to the current state of the art.

The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro – The current high-end model for tournament sports

Every ambitious tournament paintball player knows the Planet Eclipse brand. Anyone who has dealt with modern marker technology knows about the advantages of this model. In terms of build quality, weight and performance, the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is one of the best marker models money can buy. It works reliably, is gentle on the paint and you can shoot even the most brittle tournament paint with it. The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is currently the most modern paintball marker from the Planet Eclipse brand.

No matter which Planet Eclipse paintball marker model you choose as a player, you will not be disappointed. Each model is unique at the price level it is at and really placed at a fair price. At Planet Eclipse you really always pay a fair product price and get the corresponding quality delivered.

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