What do I have to consider when buying batteries & rechargeable batteries for my equipment?

Choosing the right batteries and accumulators is very important in the sport of paintball. Many players use batteries for their paintball markers and hoppers that cannot generate sufficient voltage. It is important that batteries and rechargeable batteries with a high number of milliamperes (mAh) are used. This should be 2000-2500 mAh for 1.5 volt batteries and 500-1200 mAh for 9V batteries in order to reliably and constantly supply your paintball marker with energy. For this reason, you will only receive branded batteries and rechargeable batteries from well-known manufacturers such as Energy Paintball , Duracell and Varta .

Rechargeable battery or battery, which is better and why?

We generally recommend our customers to use normal alkaline batteries . The simple reason for this is that they release their voltage over a long period of time and thus always supply the marker with constant energy. If we imagine the performance curve of a normal alkaline battery, it is very constant and then suddenly drops down when the battery voltage is used up.

With a rechargeable battery, the course of the performance curve is completely different. Batteries lose their voltage much faster and have a performance curve that drops sharply after a short time. The batteries deliver the performance over a longer period of time, but after a short time the main voltage has dropped so much that they can no longer supply the paintball marker with sufficient energy.

What battery voltage does my equipment actually need?

Basically you have to start with the production of the equipment. The paintball markers and hoppers are developed in the USA and manufactured for the local market. A 9 volt block in the USA effectively has 9.6 volts, our comparable German 9 volt blocks really only have 9 volts, or in some cases even a little less. Therefore, you should never buy cheap paintball batteries like the ones you get at the checkout in the supermarket, for example, because these are usually of inferior quality and do not offer sufficient voltage.

Paintball markers are almost exclusively operated with 9 volt block batteries. The voltage should be at least 550 mAh. An even higher voltage is optimal, this is offered by the Energy Paintball batteries, for example, whose 9 volt blocks offer a voltage of 1100 mAh. This guarantees sufficient performance for the marker and ensures that it can work trouble-free.

Depending on the model, paintball hoppers are operated either with one to two 9 volt blocks or with three to six AA batteries. Here, too, you should ensure that there is sufficient tension. Many of the modern hopper systems, such as the Dye Rotor Hopper or the Virtue Spire , only have 3 AA batteries. This is primarily done to save weight, but again requires decent batteries. If you only have 3 batteries in the loader and then use cheap batteries, it is foreseeable that the hopper will not be able to work properly because the voltage is too low.

How do I know that the battery in my marker is empty?

If the marker has too little voltage, this primarily affects the function of the solenoid . It can then no longer work as intended due to the low voltage and only insufficient air in the marker is directed into the correct channels.

As a player, you notice quite quickly whether the batteries or the battery of the marker is empty. The first signs are usually that the marker no longer triggers properly or no longer has the usual candence. Inserting a new, fresh battery fixes the problem immediately in most cases.

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