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Virtue Paintballs – Zone, Edge & Ace Paintball Balls
Monday June 26, 2017

Virtue Paintballs – Another Manufacturer Enters the Paint Business!

After Dye, Proto and HK Army, another manufacturer who previously only produced equipment and accessories is now entering the big stage of paint manufacturers with Virtue. Paintballs are a highly competitive market. In addition to the big brands such as GI Sports, ProShar and Sterling, which manufacture paintballs as their main business, other brands and manufacturers are always trying to enter this business field. Now it is Virtue's turn and is trying to gain a foothold in this highly competitive market. The starting signal with the 3 types Zone, Edge and Ace looks good at first, but can the paint also convince the broad masses of players in the end?

At this point we would like to give you a brief preliminary overview of what the three types of Virtue Paintballs are all about, how they differ and what you can expect.

The advantages of Virtue Paintballs in general

The Virtue brand has always been known for two things. innovation and quality of their products. Now, for the first time, Virtue is venturing into an area where they can't really reinvent the wheel. A paintball always has the same structure, it has the same size, and the color of the filling and shell are also specified by the tournament regulations. Nevertheless, Virtue wouldn't be Virtue if they hadn't come up with some ideas here too to set their product apart from other manufacturers, as is so often the case, and create added value for the customer.

According to its own information, Virtue has developed a special shell for its paintballs that allows the ball to fly even more accurately and without interference. In addition, the special surface should generate less friction in the barrel, which in turn should lead to a higher exit and firing speed. This in turn leads to the fact that the ball hits the target a little faster and can break better there. Virtue states that their ball breaks better than many other paintballs, even on soft surfaces such as padding and wide jerseys.

Another advantage is that the paintballs are made in the USA. Of course, US customers in particular benefit from this, because the paint comes fresh from the domestic plant, which brings a significant competitive advantage in the form of even fresher quality and very short delivery times. But this is also an advantage for German and European customers. Since most paintballs are made in the Far East these days, and the delivery time from China to Europe by sea is still 6-8 weeks, the Virtue paintballs made in the USA can only give us about 2 weeks delivery time reach much faster and fresher.

Another quality feature of the new Virtue paintballs is that they are made exclusively with the highest quality materials. This should ensure less pollution in the paintball marker and also protects the playing fields. All Virtue Paintballs are 100% PEG. Other brands often use cheaper fish oil or other oil bases for cost reasons, this is not the case here.

Virtue Zone Training Paintballs – A good choice for beginners & teams

The Virtue Zone Paint, which is actually sold under the subsidiary brand Base, is the cheapest paint from Virtue. It is characterized by a somewhat firmer shell, which nevertheless breaks very easily on the opponent. The filling is bright yellow, although it can easily be wiped off or washed out. We recommend these paintballs especially for recreational players and for teams for joint training.


Virtue Edge Premium Paintballs – middle class price & high end performance

The Virtue Edge paintballs are the premium version, the so-called mid-range paintball. Virtue has given this paint almost all the properties of its high-end paint, only the color of the shell is different and the shell is a bit firmer. This makes the Edge Paint particularly interesting for tournaments that take place in colder temperatures. This ball reliably breaks on the opponent, but not on the run.


Virtue ACE High End Tournament Paintballs – The #1 Choice for Victory

If you want to play at the top of the tournament field, you have to have the best equipment. Virtue Ace paintballs have a special, very brittle shell and a bright, viscous filling. This means that every hit is guaranteed to be a clearly visible hit on your opponent. The trajectory of this paint is very precise due to the special manufacturing process.


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