Virtue Paintball PF / Press Flick 165 Pod (cyan blue)

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Product description

Virtue Painball Speedloader / Pod with a capacity of 165 paintballs. The special thing about the Virtue PF (Press Flick) Pods is their compact design. The small 135 pods are just as high as standard 100 speed loaders. The larger PF 165 loaders with 165 ball capacity are only as big as normal 140 speed loaders.

This is made possible by a slightly bulbous design that optimally accommodates the paintballs. The player needs significantly fewer pods on the field, or can carry significantly more paint in the same number of pods. Ideal for tournament sports.

The stable design in combination with very hard-wearing material and the Press Flick closure, which opens the lid at the push of a button, make these pods very comfortable to use and facilitate quick re-potting during the game.

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