Valken Accelerate Airsoft BIO BB's 0.30g in a bottle (2500pcs)

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Product description

The biodegradable Valken Accelerate ProMatch 0.30g Airsoft BBs are made in Taiwan by one of the most famous airsoft BB manufacturers. These airsoft BBs are precision quality, fully spherical, contain less than 5% air bubbles and have been polished multiple times throughout the production process to ensure the BBs are seamless and have no surface imperfections. The BBs have a diameter of 5.95mm with a deviation of +/- 0.01mm. These precision BBs offer you greater accuracy and consistency, and they are packaged in a rectangular screw-top bottle, making storage, transport, and charging easy and convenient. The BIO BBs are made from PLA (polylactic acid), a recyclable and compostable thermoplastic derived from a renewable, eco-friendly resource like cornstarch.

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