TTI Airsoft 6.03mm tuning barrel for AAP01 GBB pistol (129mm)

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Product description

TTI Airsoft is an airsoft manufacture founded in 2021, located in Taiwan, specializing in airsoft tuning parts.

For the production of the inner barrel, TTI Airsoft relies on particularly precise machines that produce the barrel from a single piece of stainless steel. The bore with an inner diameter of 6.03 mm is also carried out with particular precision, while CNC milling machines are used for the openings and slots of the hop-up system. Due to the material and the precise processing, the manufacturer only specifies a maximum deviation of +/- 0.01 mm.

The stainless steel material used is particularly stable due to the strong material thickness, which means that barrels made of this material cannot bend so easily. Tarnishing is also prevented on the inside. To further reduce friction, TTI Airsoft uses a special polishing process. This property ensures perfect power output even at colder temperatures and a particularly highly reflective inner surface. The front of the barrel is milled in a funnel shape so that the propellant gas can escape better and the fired BB is not affected in flight.

This version of the TTI Airsoft Precision stainless steel inner barrel is a perfect fit for the Action Army AAP01 GBB pistol series.

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