Tippmann E-Mesh Airsoft & MagFed Mask (white-gold)

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Product description

White with golden glass

The new Tippmann E-Mesh mask was originally developed for the airsoft sector, but is also very popular with MagFed paintball players. In the MagFed scene, it has long been customary to swap the mask frame in the area of the mouth and chin for a lattice frame from airsoft sports for reasons of air circulation and ventilation.

Tippmann has now taken up this idea and developed the E-Mesh protective mask. The basis of the E-Mesh comes from the Empire E-Flex paintball mask. Goggle frames, thermal gases, earmuffs and mask straps were taken from the proven E-Flex and provided with a stable grid in the mouth area.

A very stable and durable combination that is tailored to the needs of Magfed Paintballers and Airsoft players.

Of course, all Empire E-Flex mask glasses, mask straps and ear-pices also fit the E-Mesh mask.

Product details of the Tippmann E-Mesh mask:

- 100% tailored to the needs of Airsoft & MagFed players

- Full thermal glass (two layers)

- Proven Empire E-Flex components installed

- Compatible with Empire E-Flex lenses, straps and ear-pices

- Pleasant wearing comfort

- Special edition with mirrored thermal glass