Tippmann Cyclone Feed QEV (for Response Trigger)

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Product description

Tippmann Cylone Feed Tuning Valve (QEV) for response trigger systems. The QEV allows for much better gas flow for the Cyclone Feed. This greatly improves the feed rate and the Cyclone Feed works more evenly. The working pressure of the feeds is regulated further down with the help of this QEV. Highly recommended in conjunction with the Vortex Mod, the Lighthening Rod and other Cyclone Feed upgrades.

Note: Compatible with all types of Tippmann Cyclone Feeds (regardless of paintball marker: Tippmann A-5, X-7 or 98 Custom)

  • high quality

  • higher feed rate of the Cyclone Feed (up to 30 balls/sec.)

  • lower working pressure (low pressure, approx. 200 PSI)

  • suitable for the Tippmann Cyclone Feed

  • TOP quality, direct from the USA

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