Tasmanian Tiger / TT Carrier Panel LC S/M

Tasmanian_Tiger_Carrier_Panel_LC_SM Tasmanian_Tiger_Carrier_Panel_LC_SM_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Carrier_Panel_LC_SM_coyote Tasmanian_Tiger_Carrier_Panel_LC_SM_oliv
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Carrier Panel LC S/M

Replacement front panel in laser cut design for external assembly and quick conversion. The panel can be threaded in or fixed directly to the plate carrier with MOLLE-SR buckles for quick changing. Suitable for TT Plate Carrier MK III, TT Plate Carrier LC and TT Plate Carrier QR LC.


- Size S/M: 24 x 17.5 cm, 110 g // Size L/XL: 32 x 17.5 cm, 130 g

- Lasercut MOLLE system

- Fastening with detachable MOLLE buckles and Velcro

- To be used for TT Plate Carrier MK III and TT Plate Carrier LC

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