Taginn M18 Paintball / Airsoft Rocker Arm Smoke Grenade (USA) - ORANGE

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

Due to the high demand from playing fields and event organizers, Taginn has now launched its M18 smoke grenade in the color ORANGE . Actually, this product is only available with white smoke. But since many fields and event organizers had requested colored smoke, Taginn has now improved it.

The Taginn brand stands for high quality and realistic optics. With the M18 Smoke Grenade, Taginn has now launched its own smoke grenade for the first time. The Taginn M18 smoke grenade is based on the original model used by the US armed forces. The realistic handling with safety pin and rocker arm works like a real smoke grenade.

This means that a realistic game is just as possible as the use of the M18 for film and television recordings, or even for the possibility of using this smoke grenade for official training or use in the military field.

After detonation, the M18 grenade covers the area for about 30-35 seconds with a very dense, white fog, thus enabling an undetected advance or a covert retreat on the field. The smoke is of course non-toxic.

Product description of the Taginn M18 Smoke Grenade smoke grenade:

- Handling like the original with locking pin and rocker arm

- Eco-friendly cellulose jacket

- True to original M18 smoke grenade optics (US Army)

- Dimensions 140x60mm

- Weight 185g

- Net weight of pyrotechnic smoke charge 100g

- Burn time 30-35 seconds

- Cold burning

- Color of the smoke: ORANGE

CE-1008-P1-69258489, dangerous goods class 1.4s

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