Push Magnetic Chin Strap - Universal (black)

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The Push Unite Magnetic Chin Straps are unique in function and quality. The chin strap can be easily operated with just one hand thanks to the magnetic closure. This is particularly advantageous on the field, for example when you are still holding the marker in your hand.

To close, simply bring the two securing points together, the chin strap snaps into place automatically and securely thanks to the magnet function. To open, you just need to snap both parts apart with two fingers, the chin strap is open again and you can remove the mask.

A great accessory that is already installed as standard on every Push Unite mask from our range. Interestingly, this chin strap can also be attached to a large number of other paintball mask models and then you can also enjoy all the advantages of the magnetic chin strap with these models.

Push Unite Magnet Chin Strap - Suitable for, among others:

- Virtue VIO (all models)

- V-Force Grill (all models)

- V Force Profiler

- Empire Vents ZN

- Empire EVS

- JT Spectra & ProShield

- Sly/Valken Profit

- ValkenIdentity

- Valken MI-3 to MI-9 series

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