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PowAir HPA Systems – The new paintball air systems
Thursday January 9, 2020

Inexpensive and well made – these are PowAir HP systems

The PowAir brand is still in its infancy, but is well on the way to revolutionizing the market for paintball HP systems . PowAir deliberately relies on a mix of a good price and a quality standard that you can only get on the market for significantly more money. There is no question that the wheel is not being reinvented here, but it is being made a bit cheaper and the range of products is being increased. Not only do we find the new product range interesting, we are so convinced that we are devoting a separate post to it in our paintball news blog. Here you can find out everything about the individual PowAir products of the 2020 collection.

The peculiarities in the production of PowAir HP bottles

The core cylinders of all PowAir HP bottles are made from just one piece of aluminium. In a very special and globally unique manufacturing process, a cylinder is first deep-drawn and then tapered again at the top before the bottle thread is cut into it. As a result, the PowAir bottles have no welds or other weak points. Especially in the area of ultra-light composite bottles, this is the pinnacle of today's technology in terms of performance and safety. Even top manufacturers like Armotech have 3 welds on their cylinders, because the cylinder inside the compressed air cylinder is welded together from several parts. This is not the case with PowAir HP bottles. This not only guarantees more safety and durability, but thanks to ISO test certification, the bottles are also among the few models that can be played in both Europe and the USA.

The PowAir MAXREG – The heart of the PowAir air systems

Whether it's a simple aluminum system or a high-quality Ultralite setup, all PowAir HP systems have one thing in common. – The in-house MAXREG regulator. This is PI-TÜV tested , as it should be standard in the European market. In addition, it has a standard output pressure of 800 PSI . – Also the standard for HP systems. The special thing is that you can convert the MAXREG into an LP (that stands for low pressure) regulator in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is unscrew the regulator and remove two of the internal chimps. Then you can also use the MAXREG regulator for low-pressure markers such as the MacDev Drone2s. A great thing that makes the regulator much more versatile than many others.

Another great feature of the MAXREG regulator is the double row of O-rings on the ASA thread. This is otherwise only found with the premium regulators from the Ninja Air brand. The additional O-ring is a kind of replacement seal in case the one, standard O-ring breaks in the game. You can then simply continue playing despite a broken seal. In the best case scenario, the O-ring should of course be replaced afterwards during the next break in the game.

Otherwise, the regulator convinces with its basic features such as the filling nipple with microfilter and the solid black dust finish.

The PowAir BASIC Series Aluminum HP systems

As the name suggests, the BASIC Series HP systems form the basis of the PowAir air systems range. These are rock-solid aluminum HP systems with a working pressure of 200 bar . The BASIC Series model range consists of 3 different sized models. You can get the HP system as a MagFed player in the 0.2 liter version with a 13ci filling volume, or as a 0.8 liter bottle with a 48ci filling volume, as you know it from the rental equipment on the field. This model is also included in most paintball savings packages, for example. For those who like it a little bigger or need more air to play big games or similar, there is also the 1.0 liter version with 62ci volume. The basic range from PowAir leaves nothing to be desired for the price-conscious beginner and offers the right air system for every type of player.

The PowAir CARBON Series Composite Systems

This version forms the mid-range range and is one of the greatest strengths of the PowAir brand. No other branded HP system is available at this price or in this variety of products. Neither in Europe nor in the USA. PowAir currently offers a 1.1 liter and a 1.5 liter version of this air system. However, other models in the sizes 0.8 liters and 1.7 liters have also been announced. At less than 150 euros , the Paintball HP system from PowAir is one of the cheapest on the market.

The PowAir PERFORMANCE LINE tournament series

If you value weight and maximum performance, you've come to the right place. The PERFORMANCE LINE HP System series from PowAir announced for mid-year will also be available in sizes of 0.8 liters, 1.1 liters, 1.5 liters and 1.7 liters. With this, PowAir completes its range and penetrates far into the high-end area. According to current manufacturer information, the bottles of the PERFORMANCE LINE series can easily keep up with competing products such as those from Armotech, but they are a bit cheaper and are also supplied with the reliable MAXREG regulator as standard. All in all, an unbeatably good combination for ambitious tournament players and those who want to become one.

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