Planet Eclipse GX2 Holdall Paintball Bag (Fighter Dark Haze)

Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_Fighter_Dark_Haze Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_Fighter_Dark_Haze_side Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_closed Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_handle Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_open Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_verschluss Planet_Eclipse_GX2_Holdall_Paintball_Tasche_zipper
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Product description

Planet Eclipse GX2 holdall paintball bag

Whether you're looking to take a short weekend trip, work out at the gym, or just want to separate your play clothes from your other clothes, the Eclipse Holdall is your bag.

A large opening is used for super easy filling of the main ash. Inside there is a zipped pocket for your phone or other valuables.

At the end of the bag there is a specially coated moisture-proof compartment, so that the remaining things stay dry and are protected from things like dirty socks, wet towels or other things that you just keep like that. Both ends have small zippered pockets that give you quick access to important things.


- Main compartment W490mm (19 19/64") x L280mm (11 1/32") x D280mm x (11 1/32")

- Wet room compartment W150mm (5 29/32") x L280mm (11 1/32") x D280mm (11 1/32")

- Valuables pocket with zip

- 2 easy-to-reach outer pockets

- Detachable shoulder strap


640mm (25.2") x 280mm (11") x 280mm (11")




84% polyester

13% nylon

2% metal

1% gum

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