Planet Eclipse FL 3-Way Valve Upgrade for EMEK 100/EMF100

Planet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100-1 Planet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_frontPlanet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_topPlanet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_package Planet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_front Planet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_top Planet_Eclipse_FL_3_Way_Valve_Upgrade_fuer_EMEK_100_EMF_100_package
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Product description

Planet Eclipse FL 3-Way Valve Upgrade for EMEK 100/EMF100

Built into the marker, the three-way valve ensures a shorter trigger travel with a lower trigger weight. This is achieved, among other things, by the integrated QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve).

If the worst comes to the worst, the valve can also be dismantled and cleaned in the field without tools (!) in just a few moments.

Suitable for:

- Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

- Planet Eclipse EMF100


- Quickly and easily installed drop-in upgrade

- Shorter trigger travel with a lighter trigger weight

- With integrated QEV

- Low maintenance

- Can be dismantled without tools

- Can be maintained by users

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