Planet Eclipse FANTM Painball Jersey Lizzard (green)

Planet_Eclipse_FANTM_Painball_Jersey_Lizzard_gruen_front Planet_Eclipse_FANTM_Painball_Jersey_Lizzard_gruen_back
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Product description

Planet Eclipse FANTM Jersey

The FANTM jersey completes the "FANTM series" from Planet Eclipse with additional pants, gloves and forearm protectors.

This series satisfies the desire for super light products without restricting the player in any way.

These jerseys offer no restrictions with optimal performance paired with a unique design!

Features of the FANTM Jersey:

- Super light

- Breathable thanks to zero padding design

- Abrasion-resistant material

- Integrated microfiber cloth

- Optimum heat exchange and air circulation

- Comfortable neckline

- Complete artwork made in sublimation printing

- Ribbed cuffs

- Subsequent flocking of names / numbers possible


100% polyester

Care instructions:

Attention, the color of the paintballs can fade textiles, so always wash the clothing immediately after use.

- Wash separately

- Do not use fabric softener

- Machine wash at 30°

- Do not tumble dry

- Do not iron

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