Paintball silencers for Hammerhead / Lapco / Nemesis barrels

Paintball_Schalldaempfer_fuer_Hammerhead_Lapco_Nemesis_laeufe_mit_Frontewinde Schalldaempfer_Bestandteile Groessenvergleich_Schalldaempfer Paintball_Schalldaempfer_Silencer_funktion Schalldaempfer_Bestandteile Groessenvergleich_Schalldaempfer
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Product description

New, longer version. Approx. 15cm total length. (see comparison last picture, old version on the left, new version on the right)

This silencer model bolts onto the front of the barrel and fits all Hammerhead BattleStixx, Hammerhead BangStixx, Lapco and Carmatech Nemesis barrels. NEW: The silencer also fits the barrel of the Hardstyle AK20.

( Not suitable for Hammerhead OneShot barrels, as they have a 22mm thread!)

The special thing about this muffler model is that it is really built like a muffler, but without filling for the function. The air is pressed along the entire length of the silencer through small holes into the outer chamber and from there it is discharged to the rear through additional holes. Thus, the shot noise is dampened at the front of the barrel muzzle. Cotton wool or professional insulating wool for silencers from specialist stores can be used as filling material.

By installing the filling, a significant reduction in the shot noise can be achieved for games abroad, depending on the filling used.

Length: Approx. 21 cm (threaded)

ATTENTION - The use of fully functional silencer models is prohibited in Germany. Therefore, this article is sold by us without filling and therefore without function. We ask for your understanding.

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