Paintball Micro Pressure HP Regulator 200 Bar (600 PSI out)

200_Bar_Micro_Pressure_Paintball_HP_Regulator_schwarz-1 200_Bar_Micro_Pressure_Paintball_HP_Regulator_schwarz_hauptbildPaintball_Micro_Regulator_seitePaintball_Micro_Regulator1 200_Bar_Micro_Pressure_Paintball_HP_Regulator_schwarz_hauptbild Paintball_Micro_Regulator_seite Paintball_Micro_Regulator1
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Product description

The Micro Pressure HP Regulator has been developed for all 200 bar / 3000 PSI air systems for paintball & airsoft sports. Due to its compact, space-saving design, it is particularly popular with MagFed players.

This regulator can be screwed onto any standard 200 bar bottle. The outlet pressure is 600 PSI.

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