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New Maxtact Products Announced – AR-15 & Pistol
Wednesday November 22, 2017

Maxtact launches a lot of new products

The Maxtact brand is back on the paintall market with at least 3 new products. These were presented at the arms show in France last week. Maxtact mainly develops its products for the law enforcement sector, paintball is only a small, but no less important, part of the brand. As far as we know, a new rifle awaits us in Cal. 50 with ammunition and a new pistol in Cal. 68

The new Cal. 50 rifle in AR-15 design

Maxtact's new paintball gun comes with Cal. 50 ammunition and, in addition to an original AR-15 optic, also has a 30-round magazine for very realistic training. There is also new ammunition with a stabilizing fin and powder bullet head. These are visually very reminiscent of the popular First Strike paintballs from Tiberius Arms . The new projectiles can be easily loaded and fired with the supplied 30-shot magazine. Whether it's the balls later in Cal. 68 is not known at the moment, but we hope that Maxtact might decide to implement it.

A special feature of the new model is its compatibility with all possible original components that are available on the market for the AR-15. Stock, shrouds and grip will be fully interchangeable with original weapon parts.

New cal. 68 paintball pistol announced

Maxtact will also introduce a new pistol in the Cal. 68 launch. The first images are already available (see below). Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether the paintball pistol can also shoot First Strike paintballs. But we will find out for you as soon as possible.

Of course, as a German distributor, we will promptly approve all new marker models and ensure that you can order them on time for the new season.

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