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New Dynamic Sports Gear Paintball Grenade Announced!
Friday December 15, 2017

Is there a revolution in the field of paintball grenades?

The Dynamic Sports Gear brand has stood for innovative products and new concepts for years. Hardly any other manufacturer has developed and launched so many completely new in-house products in recent years. With DSG products you can always be sure that they are breaking new ground and, for the most part, are pursuing completely new approaches when it comes to the development and manufacture of new products for paintball sports.

The guys are currently working on a new paintball grenade, which will not only be reusable, but also works like a real frag grenade in which it can "shoot" about 30 paintball balls in all directions.

If this design can be implemented like this, then we are talking about a completely new generation of paintball color grenades. There has never been anything like this in the paintball scene, but many players around the world probably dream of being able to throw a "real" paintball grenade.

How does the Dynamic Sports Gear paintball grenade work?

Unfortunately, little is known about the exact function. What you already know is that you can put about 30 paintballs in it, and they will be distributed in the immediate vicinity when the grenade is triggered. It is currently unclear which drive material is used. The speculation on the net ranges from green gas, to Co2, to spring pressure or something completely new. In any case, we are very excited to see what DSG has come up with here.

Otherwise, the grenade seems to be in no way inferior to the original in terms of function. It has a safety clip, a safety pin and also looks like a real grenade.

When will the new grenade be on the market?

Dynamic Sports Gear is currently stating the first half of 2018 as the release date. Since there is probably no functional prototype yet, we cannot say at the moment whether this date seems realistic. So far, however, DSG has always delivered what they promised. In any case, we are very excited and look forward to being able to hold this really very interesting product in our hands in the near future.

Of course, as one of the largest Dynamic Sports Gear dealers in Germany, we will also include this paintball color grenade in our range for you. As soon as we have a binding delivery date and prices, you can pre-order them from us in the Paintball Sports online shop .

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