RAP4 paintball marker

Rap4 not only produces paintball markers, but the complete gear package for gotcha players interested in woodland or scenario gaming. And not only that, RAP4 paintball markers are used by military and police all over the world for training purposes. Over the years, RAP4 has brought a variety of different markers onto the market.

RAP4 paintball marker - which paintball guns are there to buy?

RAP4 is particularly proud of its newest marker, the DMAG. The DMAG has a variety of different specifications to offer, which guarantee a certain degree of interoperability. In addition, this Gotcha weapon has been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

One of the most realistic paintball weapons is the 468 Mag Feed Paintball Marker. It can be operated in two different ways. The supply unit is hidden in the rear barrel. The housing of the RAP4 paintball marker was made of lightweight aluminum and is still robust. The 468 Mag Feed paintball marker has a similar structure to its twin among the real weapons and can therefore be completely disassembled and reassembled in under a minute.

RAP4 not only produces a variety of paintball markers, the company also produces impressive paintball guns, perfect for the next scenario game. The RAP4 paintball pistol can be purchased in distinctive black, camouflage, military green or blue. On the dust cover of each pistol manufactured by RAP4 there is an additional rail to attach any accessories, such as a laser or tactical light. When you buy the paintball gun you get a holster that you can wear on your thigh to reach the gun faster.

RAP4 Paintball Marker - Be the sniper in the next scenario game

Scenario paintball games are exciting as you either play the role of a villain or an honest cop. The next game should therefore not be without RAP4 paintball markers, because these markers are not only very similar to real weapons, since RAP4 also enables almost the same functions for a lifelike paintball scenario game. If you are looking for a paintball sniper rifle, you are guaranteed to find it at RAP4. Especially since the manufacturer also produces other Gotcha accessories in addition to paintball markers, such as B. Tactical vests and others.

You want to buy a RAP4 paintball marker and still have questions about your selected weapon, please contact us by phone or email. Since we all play paintball ourselves, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual paintball weapon more than exactly.