Tools and greases as well as accessories for Planet Eclipse ETHA paintball markers

Welcome to the category "Tools and Greases as well as Accessories for Planet Eclipse ETHA Paintball Markers" at! Here you will find a comprehensive selection of specialized tools, high-quality greases and other accessories that have been specially developed for the ETHA models. Whether you own the latest ETHA3 or ETHA3M model or use an older model such as the ETHA or ETHA2, we have the right products to keep your marker in top condition.

Why tools and greases for your ETHA?

Regular maintenance and care of your marker is crucial to its performance and longevity. With the right tools and lubricants, you can ensure your ETHA marker is always working at its best and ready for the next game. Our selection of tools and greases are specifically designed to make maintenance easy and effective.

Specialized tools for ETHA3 and ETHA3M

For the latest ETHA3 and ETHA3M models we offer a wide range of specialized tools:

  • Allen keys and multitools: High-quality tools for precise adjustments and repairs.

  • Screwdriver sets: Different sizes and shapes for all types of screws on your marker.

  • Dent removal tools: For quick and easy removal of dents and damage.

High-quality greases and lubricants

The right lubricants are crucial for the smooth functioning of your marker. Our selection includes:

  • Silicone grease: For long-term lubrication and protection against wear.

  • Special greases: Developed for the specific requirements of ETHA models to ensure optimal performance.

  • Oils and sprays: For quick and easy application during maintenance.

Accessories for older models: ETHA and ETHA2

We also offer a wide range of tools and lubricants for the previous models ETHA and ETHA2:

  • Replacement seals and O-rings: For a perfect seal and minimal air loss.

  • Cleaning kits: To keep your marker clean inside and out.

  • Bearings and springs: High-quality spare parts for a long service life and reliable performance.

Quality and compatibility

At we place great importance on only offering high quality tools and lubricants that perfectly match the Planet Eclipse ETHA models. Our products come from reputable manufacturers and have been carefully selected to ensure they meet Planet Eclipse's high standards.

Advice and support

Our experienced team is always available to help you choose the right tools and lubricants. Whether you have questions about specific products or need help maintaining your marker, we are here to help. Just contact us by email or phone.