Barrels and accessories for Planet Eclipse EMEK100 paintball marker

Welcome to the "Barrels and accessories for Planet Eclipse EMEK100 paintball marker" category at Paintball Sports! Here you will find a comprehensive selection of high-quality barrels and matching accessories that have been specially developed for the Planet Eclipse EMEK100. Improve the precision and performance of your marker with our first-class products.

Maximize precision and performance

The right barrel can significantly improve the accuracy and performance of your Planet Eclipse EMEK100. At Paintball Sports, we offer a variety of barrels optimized for different play styles and requirements. Whether you prefer short, fast games or want to shoot at long distances, our selection of barrels offers the right solution for every need. From standardized barrels to high-end models, we have the right product for you.

Variety of accessories

In addition to high-quality barrels, we offer a wide range of accessories that can further enhance your EMEK100. These include various barrel thread adapters, barrel socks and cleaning kits that ensure your marker always remains in perfect condition. Our accessories help you maximize the life and performance of your marker by ensuring optimal care and adjustment.

Individual customization options

With our range of barrels and accessories, you can customize your Planet Eclipse EMEK100 to suit your needs and wishes. Choose from different barrel lengths and bores to increase shooting precision and optimize air consumption. Our adapters allow you to use barrels from other brands and enjoy even more flexibility and individuality.

Quality and Reliability

At Paintball Sports, quality is our top priority. All barrels and accessories in our range come from reputable manufacturers and have been carefully tested. This means you can be sure that you only get the best products for your Planet Eclipse EMEK100. Our experienced staff are also always on hand to offer advice and assistance to help you choose the right parts.


Improve the precision and performance of your Planet Eclipse EMEK100 paintball marker with the high-quality barrels and accessories from Paintball Sports. Discover our extensive range now and find the perfect parts to take your marker to the next level. With our products you are well equipped for every game!