Carmatech SAR-12

Carmatech paintball marker accessories at is your competent partner for high-quality paintball equipment. We offer a wide range of markers and accessories, including the extensive range of Carmatech paintball marker accessories. Especially for the popular SAR-12 marker you will find a large selection of accessories to guarantee the best gaming experience.

The SAR-12 marker system

The Carmatech SAR-12 marker is known for its precision and reliability. The system is specially designed for the use of First Strike ammunition and offers outstanding range and accuracy. At you will find suitable accessories to get the most out of your SAR-12 marker.

Carmatech SAR-12 accessories

Our range of Carmatech SAR-12 accessories includes various magazines, barrel systems, as well as Picatinny rails and sights to perfectly adapt your SAR-12 marker to your needs. You will also find the right accessories for the maintenance and care of your marker with us. So you are always well equipped for the next game.

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At you will also find accessories for other brands and models, such as the popular Dye DAM marker system or Tippmann paintball markers. Also discover our wide range of paintballs, masks and clothing to be perfectly equipped for your next game.

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