Crafted SDiK HPA Conversion Kit for L96

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The Poland-based manufacturer Mancraft has specialized entirely in the development and manufacture of HPA accessories for airsoft guns. HPA conversion kits, regulators or other HPA accessories - Mancraft is constantly expanding its range.

SDiK HPS Conversion Kit here in the L96 version for Well or identical models!

The SDIK, or Sniper Drop in Kit, is a kit that allows you to convert your spring-powered airsoft into an HPA/air- powered rifle. The entire structure has been redesigned from scratch. The conversion kit is based on a simple and effective gas supply system that is reliable and durable.

After installing the SDiK, no further tuning is necessary and parts such as the trigger and cylinder can continue to be used as standard. After conversion, the rifle can be reloaded with one finger.

We recommend using the Mancraft HRR Regulator with the SDiK. Very constant FPS (+-3 FPS) can be achieved with the HRR. The use of the

For some rifles, assembly may require modification of the body or individual parts.

Please note that the installation of an HPA engine (conversion kits, HPA adapter) represents an intervention on a firearm that is relevant under gun law. Therefore, this should only be carried out by appropriate specialist personnel. You can buy such an engine, but as a non-expert you are not allowed to install the engine. To do this, you must contact a commercial company with a weapons manufacturing license. After the authorized person has been installed, the entire weapon must be re-approved. Of course, the installation and renewed acceptance will incur costs and you have to expect a waiting time.

Please follow these guidelines urgently, unauthorized installation is a violation of the Weapons Act and can result in considerable inconvenience (or penalties).

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