Inception Designs AR100 Tactical Body Kit for EMF100 (Black)

Simon_Stevens_AR100_Tactical_Body_Kit_f-r_EMF100 Simon_Stevens_AR100_Tactical_Body_Kit_für_EMF100_close Simon_Stevens_AR100_Tactical_Body_Kit_für_EMF100_complete Simon_Stevens_AR100_Tactical_Body_Kit_für_EMF100_close Simon_Stevens_AR100_Tactical_Body_Kit_für_EMF100_complete
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Product description

Inception Designs AR100 Tactical Body Kit for EMF100

With the AR100 aluminum body kit from Inception Designs, you can transform your Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 into an AR15 platform. In addition, you benefit from a 370 gram weight saving compared to the factory EMF100.

The high-quality, 3D milled and black anodized aluminum kit replaces the entire GRN standard body of your EMF100.

The AR15 Front Shroud and the Stock Adapter* open up completely new possibilities for you. All common AR15 handguards can be attached to the front shroud.

By installing the stock adapter*, you can attach shoulder rests with M16/M4/AR15 buffer tubes that have a 1 3/16-16 TPI thread to the AR100 body kit.

An absolute must buy for all MagFed enthusiasts!


- High-quality aluminum body kit

- 3d milled and black anodized

- With AR15 shroud for common Real Steel handguards

- Incl. matching eye cover

Technical specifications:

- AR100 body kit weight: 335 grams

- Weight EMF100 with AR100: 1130 grams

- Weight EMF100 ex works: 1500 grams

Suitable for:

- EMF100, EMG100, MG100

*The Stock Adapter is sold separately

The type approval (F mark) can expire as a result of the conversion. You should therefore have your marker checked by an expert!

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