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Frontline – play paintball in Bremen
Thursday April 5, 2018

Paintball fun in Bremen and the surrounding area

At Frontline Paintball in Bremen, hobby and leisure paintballers are just as welcome as professionals from tournament sports.

The well-kept outdoor facility, which is run by operator Dennis Riegel, has been one of the most popular playing fields in the north of Hanover for over 10 years.

Frontline – location of the DPL regional league and venue for the 3rd BL

Tournament sports are very important at Frontline Paintball . Not least because this field used to be the first large DPL tournament field in the north. In addition, the operator himself is an old league fox with a lot of tournament experience. His team Frontline even played in the 1st Paintball Bundesliga back then.

At Frontline Paintball in Bremen you are guaranteed to meet high-class league teams. The large full-size Millenium Series field is used to play from the district league to the 3rd Bundesliga . So there really is the right offer for every paintball tournament enthusiast.

The following paintball leagues take place at Frontline Paintball in Bremen

DPL national league

The 5-man beginner format for all newcomers and those who are promoted from the 3-man format of the district league.

DPL Oberliga

The highest FPO division of the DPL and stepping stone to the regional league. Anyone who prevails here belongs to the upper third of the German tournament scene.

DPL regional league

The regional league of the DPL has 4 game days, 2 of which are played year after year on the frontline playing field in the north.

DPL 3rd Bundesliga

The third league, here the air is already getting much thinner. The teams not only fight for places in the table, but also for promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga. A big step for many a small team that has worked its way up from the bottom.

The 3rd Bundesliga takes place at 4 locations, one of the game days has a permanent place in Westertimke on the Frontline playing field.

Frontline Paintball's forest playing field – party fun for birthdays and birthday parties

Even recreational players don't miss out at Frontline Paintball in Westertimke . Trenches, bunkers and lots of obstacles to hide await you on the large forest playing field with an area of approx. 5000 square meters .

This field is particularly popular with hobby players and party groups. Quite a few Bremen residents celebrate their bachelor party here, for example, or let it rip on Father's Day.

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