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From RAP4 to Modern Combat Sports
Wednesday August 16, 2017

RAP4 is now called Modern Combat Sports (MCS)

The RAP4 brand should be known to just about every player in the MagFed paintball area. RAP4 was the first company in the world to produce magazine-loaded paintball markers. The first models came onto the market around the turn of the millennium, which is more than 15 years ago. At that time, MagFed was still considered not very forward-looking, since many players were enjoying the ever faster markers and hoppers. A high rate of fire was very popular. Fortunately, MagFed is in a much better position these days. With the advent of First Strike Paintballs and other manufacturers such as Tiberius Arms, MagFed gradually became better known and more popular.

The RAP4 468 – MagFed Paintball Marker Made in USA

The RAP4 468 paintball marker is currently one of the best and most popular models in the USA. This is available in the basic version as a normal semi-automatic and as a single loader with cocking lever and repeating function. These two basic versions, in combination with the numerous conversion, attachment and accessory parts, offer the possibility of replicating almost every current weapon model. The RAP4 468 can be played as a sniper rifle, as an AK-47, or as an M16/M4 version, such as that used by the US military for training.

Buy RAP4 paintball markers – what should I pay attention to?

There is not too much to consider when buying a RAP4 paintball marker. 2 basic models are offered. The RAP4 468 , a single-shot semi-automatic, and the RAP4 468 DMR Bolt Action . This is a single loader, which must be pre-tensioned by hand before each shot. The single loading system makes the marker slower in the shot sequence, but also much more precise, since the paintball ball can come to rest better before the shot. In addition, the bolt chamber is completely closed and does not move during firing.

RAP4 Helix Magazine – Probably the best and cheapest markers on the market

What RAP4 may lack here and there in terms of new features and innovations in marker technology, they make up for in the magazines. The latest generation of RAP4 Helix Magazines , with a capacity of 20 rounds of ammunition, work with normal Cal. 68 paintballs , as well as with First Strike precision bullets absolutely perfect and flawless. No other paintball magazine in the world can currently offer such impeccable functionality. In addition, there is an absolutely unbeatable price, since the RAP4 Helix Magazine is around 10 to 15 euros cheaper than the comparable magazines on the market. The quality and workmanship is also impressive, as is the simple design, which can be disassembled without tools.

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