First Strike Paintballs 600 rounds box (grey / orange)

First_Strike_Paintballs_600er_Karton_orange_grau First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange_Details First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange_einzeln First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange_einzeln First_Strike_Paintballs_10er_Roehrchen_grau_orange_Details
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Product description

The new First Strike 600 shot boxes not only have a lot in them, but the price has also been reduced a good deal. With this new packaging size, the price per shot of First Strike ammunition drops again by a whopping 20%.

A worthwhile offer for teams and clubs, as well as all players who simply like to shoot a lot of First Strike paintballs.

Delivery quantity: 1 box with 600 rounds content.

Colour: dark gray / orange

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