First Strike Hero2 300 Bar Regulator (4500PSI)

First_Strike_Hero2_Paintball_HP_Regulator_300_Bar First_Strike_Hero2_Paintball_HP_Regulator_300_Bar_details
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Product description

The new First Strike Hero Regulator is the logical further development of the popular Myth G3 Regulator.

The following versions of the LP Kit are available as accessories:

275-300 PSI (Super Low Pressure)

450-475 PSI (Low Pressure)

550-575 PSI (Medium Pressure)

1000-1050 PSI (Extra High Pressure)

Technical data of the First Strike Hero Regulator:

Output pressure approx. 700 PSI (can be increased to 800 PSI with the included shims)

360 degree adjustable

Adjustable output pressure

Very constant output pressure

Extremely small and slim regulator design

Special, very high-quality filling nipple with a conical inner structure. Very trouble-free!

Micro Burst Discs

High-quality, durable material

The thread in the current version is silver !

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