DYE UL-C Paintball Jersey (Dyecam)

DYE_UL_C_Paintball_Jersey_Dyecam DYE_UL_C_Paintball_Jersey_Dyecam_back DYE_UL_C_Paintball_Jersey_Dyecam_side DYE_UL_C_Paintball_Jersey_Dyecam_back DYE_UL_C_Paintball_Jersey_Dyecam_side
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Product description

DYE UL-C Paintball Jersey

Tested under rigorous conditions around the world together with CRBN (Carbon Paintball), careful design and precise construction result in a technical jersey that meets the player's needs in all conditions.

With its unique player-focused features, the UL-C jersey offers the best in performance and ready-to-go functionality. The construction of the UL-C jersey features a "5 Panel Tailored Fit" which combines durability and agile movement to ensure a very comfortable fit for any player. Featuring the high-end "4-Way-Stretch-Nylon"/"Elastic Power Mesh" and "Lyrcra/Elastane-Fabric Blend" which results in the optimal comfort and mobility for all ranges of motion on the field. UV resistant print for a durable and long lasting look. In addition, the jersey is water-repellent to stand out even in bad weather.


- CRBN "5 Panel Tailored Fit"

- High quality 4-way stretch nylon/elastic power mesh

- Flexible Lycra/Spandex fabric blend

- UV resistant print

- C6 DWR weather resistant coating (durable water repellent)

- Compact collar

- Elastic thumb loop

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